The 2018 Kings Langley Sci-Fi Palooza! – 21/07/2018

The Sci-Fi Palooza! was a one day mini-con and celebration of all things sci-fi that was held in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire UK. The Palooza was an all day party for the whole family where we all got together in celebration of our favourite franchises.

We was joined not only by our wonderful con goers, but by Hattie Hayridge, Alan Tomkins, John Carrigan and Andrew Lawden came to run his famous Jedi Fight Academy. You can find out more about our guests at the bottom of the page.

Here are some pictures and videos from the day:

The following pictures are by Matt Warwick










About our guests:


Hattie Hayridge

Hattie is a wonderfully funny and talented comedian and actress, who is best known for her role as Holly from the UK classic “Red Dwarf”, though has appeared in many shows and films such as “Jonathan Creek”, “Lexx” and recently “Guardians”.


Alan Tomkins

Alan is an Oscar-nominated Art Director that has had a lengthy career bringing various writers creations to life on such iconic films and shows as “Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back”, “Saving Private Ryan”, “Band Of Brothers”, “JFK”, “Batman Begins”, “Lawrence of Arabia”, “Casino Royale” and many more.


John Carrigan

John Carrigan is an Actor, Stunt man and Martial Arts instructor who was inspired to pursue acting after a conversation with Gene Roddenberry. John has had many roles over the years including “The Brittas Empire”, though Star Trek fans will know him best for starring in the Trek fan films “Renegades”, “Of Gods and Men” and “Phase II”.

We’re honored to have John, Hattie and Alan join us at The Sci-Fi Palooza!

Andrew Lawden

Thanks to a last minute break in filming schedule, we are delighted to announce that Andrew Lawden will be joining us at The Palooza.

Andrew is an actor who was Qui Gon Jin’s stand-in / double and also played a Naboo Royal Guard in “Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace”. Andrew has appeared in countless films and tv series including: “Prime Suspect 1973”, “Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves”, “Murphy’s Law”, most recently in “Eastenders” and many more.