Creator Zone

Why Have A Creator Zone?

As we are podcasters and YouTubers ourselves, we love any opportunity to get together with other content creators, especially in person. This is why we wanted to provide a quiet area away from the con floor for podcasting magic to happen!

Will There be any room for an audience?

We will be providing some seating to allow you to invite people in to watch you record, though this is in no way compulsory. You can record in absolute peace and quiet or have an interactive audience, it’s your choice.

Will any equipment be provided?

Though you may be more inclined to use your own equipment to record, we can loan you some audio recording equipment for recording a podcast. Though you will need to bring your own camera to record video.

We will also have a green screen set up, should you wish to use it.

Do I need to register to use The Creators Zone?

Yes, you can either do this in advance by emailing or by talking to us on the day.

Though if you register before the event we will happily promote that you will be joining us at the event.